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*/ At first, when I received the email to join RightNow Media I thought, “Man what is this?” As I started to go through the different lineups of conferences and speakers, I realized it was amazing! I have been able to... Read more
*/ Don’t let the title force you to reach conclusions (or as we in DVULI like to say, climb the ladder) until you’ve read my full review. Recently, I had a phone conversation with a fellow DeVos alumni when I asked what... Read more
*/ Have you ever sent an email or posted a social media comment you later regretted? Perhaps you inadvertently sent an email or a text to the wrong person, or maybe you tweeted or posted an inappropriate response which... Read more
*/ Dear DVULI Family, We have a gift for you! We are always looking for ways to serve you that will help as we encourage the integration of our faith with our learning, living and leading. One helpful resource we’d like... Read more
The following article is from Pete Scazzero's Emotionally Healthy Spirituality organization; re-used with permisson. Image courtesy of Steven Shorrock on Flickr. Great Leaders are Great Listeners The fruit of a mature... Read more
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