New Online Version for Biblical DISC

Posted by: DVULI | January 24, 2020

Get to know your behavioral style with the new online version of the Biblical DISC Assessment logo.

Do you remember your DISC profile? Are you a “D” whose dominance style pushes for results? Are you a “C” whose conscientious style makes sure the checklist is complete? Or maybe your style can be described as influencing or steadiness. Knowing your behavioral style as well as the style of those you interact with is extremely valuable.

While various versions of the DISC Assessment have been used since the very beginning of the DVULI program, we are pleased to announce that we are now using, in partnership with the Lead Like Jesus organization, a new online version of the Biblical DISC® Assessment. Alumni interested in learning more about behavioral styles in either interpersonal relationships or a formal training of a team or group, are encouraged to inquire about the Biblical DISC® Assessment.   

In addition to revealing your behavioral style, the new Biblical DISC® Assessment will indicate which biblical characters share your similar characteristics. Perhaps you’re an “I” like King David or a “S” like Martha.

Find out more about purchasing the Biblical DISC® Assessment.