Program Details

  • How is a city selected for this training opportunity? Close

    Anyone interested in the having the program offered to urban youth workers in their city can contact the staff to extend an invitation. DVULI prefers that a selected city have at least thirty urban youth workers actively ministering to youth in their community.

  • Must participants be paid full-time youth workers? View

    Paid, bi-vocational, or volunteer youth workers are all welcome to apply.

  • How is this program different from other urban ministry training programs? View

    The DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative (DVULI) focuses on the development of the urban leader who is actively working with disadvantaged youth in Christian organizations and institutions. The program is uniquely designed to provide a training experience that equips the leader with sustainable skills and tools that address the needs of their personal life and ministry.

  • Where are the trainings held? View

    There are seven training modules, five of which are held in local retreat venues near each of the five cities, and the other two modules are held in Orlando, FL and Holland, MI. Each city’s cohort hosts their own graduation in the spring.

  • Can I receive college credit hours? View

    Yes. Through Cornerstone University, up to 9 credit hours can be earned at the undergraduate or graduate level. This is optional for participants and there are no academic requirements to go through the training program.

  • What commitments are expected of alumni? View

    Program alumni are expected to remain involved in youth ministry for the long term. There are additional benefits for alumni that are tailored to address their ongoing professional development. This includes scholarships to other youth worker training events, one on one coaching, a network of supportive relationships, both local and national, and more. Alumni are also encouraged to stay connected with each other and provide valued support to the each other in ministry to youth.

Program Cost

  • What is the cost to participate? Close

    The DVULI is a fully funded training opportunity to urban youth leaders across the country. All training materials, books, housing, meals, and most travel costs during the course of the 15-month training are funded by DVULI.

  • What travel costs are not covered? View

    Participants are responsible for the costs of their transportation between their home and local airport and any airport parking in the participant’s home city. Meals consumed before or outside of the training modules specific dates and times are not covered. Additional food, shopping, or personal supplies are at the expense of the participant. Credit cards may be required for incidental charges at each hotel.

Program Schedule

  • When are participants interviewed and notified? Close

    All applicants will be notified if they are qualified for an interview. Selection interviews take place locally in the months of November and December each year. Participants are notified directly no later than mid-December by the local City Coordinator if they have been accepted or not.


  • Is the training taught in Spanish? Close

    No. While some of the facilitators may be bi-lingual, the curriculum and training presentations are delivered in English.

  • Are there age requirements for participants? View

    While there are no minimum or maximum age requirements, in order to be considered for the program candidates must prove they have a minimum of three years urban youth ministry experience.