Breakthrough: Jua Robinson

Posted by: DVULI | June 29, 2022

Jua Robinson

by Kimberlee Mitchell, Staff Writer

For Jua Robinson (Boston 2016) and leaders like him, few things are more satisfying than to see the fruit of their commitment to serving others come to life. As executive director of Boston Collaborative (BC), Jua gets to witness such satisfaction leading an organization on a mission to connect workplace Christians to each other and to specific needs within the city of Boston.

According to the BC’s website, Jua and his team are working “to see communities transformed and Christians known as redemptive change agents in Boston.”

Being an agent of change is embedded in Jua’s leadership DNA. Prior to his BC position, he was the founder and lead pastor of Heart Change Fellowship, a multi-ethnic church in Boston. In addition, he is a current church planting catalyst with the SEND Boston Network. Further, after serving as Boston city coordinator for DVULI in 2016/2017, he has been the Healthy Change session presenter for the initiative’s annual First National Conference.

“When you’re obedient in moving through shifts and transitions throughout life, you will start to recognize fruit,” Jua reasons. “Fruit that would never have been produced had you remained where you were and not stepped out in faith.”

Jua functioned as lead pastor for the church for twelve years and decided to step down when multiple leaders in the Christian community approached him with the opportunity to lead Boston Collaborative. Similar to many who wear the pastoral hat, it was easy for him, a husband and father of four, to over-extend himself attempting to meet the needs of the congregation. Fortunately, the DVULI program came along and helped Jua better realize his own worth. “I’ve said ‘no’ more in the last 5 years since graduating from DVULI than at any other point of my adult life,” admits Jua. DVULI helped me better navigate the gifts and abilities that the Lord has given me and spend more time in areas that are the best and most useful.”

Jua’s recent appointment to chaplain of the NFL’s New England Patriots is another example of his gifts bearing the right fruit. Moreover, his work with the BC affords him the pleasure of strategically supporting church, business, nonprofit, parachurch, education, and governmental leaders. The work of the BC is building toward 10,000 involved workplace leaders, 85 city partners, and 52 new donors who work in concert to serve Boston residents. The ministry focuses on engaging the complexities, or Jua puts it “unacceptable realities,” within the city of Boston.

“I want the fruit of righteousness to be the clear marker of my life,” remarks Jua, who also led the merger of two churches, which was a change goal in his DVULI breakthrough plan. “The Lord knew I needed a program like DVULI that provided me with great tools for serving leaders.”