I Wish I Knew More Stories

Posted by: DVULI | April 27, 2022

Grace P. Cho

by Kimberlee Mitchell, Staff Writer

DVULI celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a vlog post from Grace P. Cho. She is a friend and colleague of UYWI staff member John Park (Los Angeles 2010).

Cho believes “stories have the power to change the world.” Her artful voice heard in her sermons, essays, slam poetry, podcasts, and speaking engagements offers wisdom and honesty. 

Her performance titled “I Wish I Knew More Stories” received honorable mention at the third annual ROAR Story Slam in Los Angeles. Cho’s story as a Korean American is one of regret and hope. Enjoy! 

Vlog post here: https://youtu.be/Pp0aKlunLaQ

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