Class of 2024 City Coordinators

Posted by: DVULI | October 14, 2023

(Pictured left to right are Aaron Story, Alfredo Hernandez, Sarayna Sathananthan, Therron Cunningham, and Coasy Hale.)

Ready to Step Into 2024City Coordinators 2024 

DVULI is delighted to announce the five new city coordinators for 2024. Please welcome these well-qualified individuals who will lead the 2024 cohorts. 

  • Boston – Sarayna Sathananthan

IG @adventuresofsaranya 

  • Indianapolis – Aaron Story

IG @coachaaronstory 

  • Louisville – Therron Cunningham


  • Memphis – Coasy Hale

IG @coasyh_ 

  • Phoenix – Alfredo Hernandez

IG @Alfrediyyoo 

If you know urban youth leaders in their cities who are good candidates for the DVULI investment, please contact our office or submit your nomination online at