Conversations with God on Halloween

Posted by: DVULI | September 27, 2022

A man with a pumpkin in front of him engages in Conversations with God on Halloween, by Jordan Francis.

by Jordan Francis (Phoenix 2017) 

Over the years, there has been much debate in the church concerning Halloween.  

For some, Halloween is just another holiday to be enjoyed. For others, a fall fest is the best way to engage the holiday, or a celebration of Reformation Day is the way forward. For our more zealous friends, Halloween is the perfect time to evangelize and tell people about hell. 

I can say I’ve done all but Reformation Day. Yet, what I have always seen work, no matter the opinion or position, is real conversation.   

There are days throughout the year that set us up for spiritual conversations. Halloween is one of them. I think it’s less about what your organization decides to do for Halloween and more about how you position it.   

We know this generation is primed for good healthy conversation, and we should take advantage of this, especially on a day that is so attached to the metaphysical. 

Is Halloween an opportunity to establish our beliefs about the Bible and our faith, or is it an opportunity to learn about what students think and feel about the supernatural/metaphysical?  

I believe it is about the latter.  

Here are some questions I ask young people about Halloween: 

  • What costume would best represent how you feel about yourself? How so? 
  • What do you think Halloween is about? 
  • What are some things you’re afraid of? 
  • Should Christians celebrate Halloween? Why or why not? 
  • Do angels and demons exist? 
  • Does God exist? 

I hope these questions will lead to deeper, more meaningful conversations about their worldview. If you listen to students, they are more prone to listen to you. 

From here, we can explain our beliefs about Halloween, knowing they will listen because we already did. 

Reprinted with permission from Reframe Youth.

Banner photo by Tangerine Newt on Unsplash