Affinity Groups: What are they?

Posted by: Kimberlee Mitchell

Join the National Conversation!

By Eileen Schuring, Intern

Affinity Groups serve as the DVULI alumni conversation hub, where like-minded youth leaders share resources, experiences, and ideas. Twice a month, alumni-led Zoom conversations convene, connecting leaders who serve urban youth to discuss important subjects related to their ministry type.

To be notified of Affinity Groups you may be interested in, you need to identify your ministry specialties on the DVULI Alumni Directory.  You can do that by logging into your profile HERE.

While you are there, please ensure your contact info is correct so you can receive the Zoom invitation via email.

Affinity Groups Options:

  1. After-School Tutoring 
  2. Arts (music, dance, worship) 
  3. Athletics (sports, recreation & fitness) 
  4. Gang Intervention & Prevention 
  5. Homeless & Unsheltered Teens 
  6. Juvenile Detention and Prison Ministry   
  7. Empowering Youth in Entrepreneurialism (business & employment) 
  8. Human Trafficking  
  9. Youth Mentoring  
  10. Parenting (teen mom and dad) and Abstinence  
  11. Education and College Prep  
  12. Youth Discipleship/Leadership Development  
  13. Youth Mental Health
  14. Computer/Technology Lab/social media

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