Affinity Groups

Identify. Link. Collaborate.

Wouldn’t connecting with like-minded youth leaders to share resources and ideas be helpful?

You can with DVULI Affinity Groups!

In response to your request to connect with fellow alumni who serve in the same ministry specialties, we will conduct Zoom dialogs for 13 ministry specialties.

We host two monthly dialogs, allowing for two annual calls per Affinity Group. 

To join these national conversations, please identify one to five ministry specialties from the list below, and we will invite you via email: 

      1. After-School Tutoring 
      2. Arts (music, dance, worship) 
      3. Athletics (sports, recreation & fitness) 
      4. Gang Intervention & Prevention 
      5. Homeless & Unsheltered Teens 
      6. Juvenile Detention and Prison Ministry   
      7. Entrepreneurialism (business & employment) 
      8. Human Trafficking  
      9. Youth Mentoring  
      10. Parenting (teem mom and dad) and Abstinence  
      11. Education and College Prep  
      12. Youth Discipleship/Leadership Development  
      13. Youth Mental Health


CONTACT US if you want to join an upcoming AG call and don’t have the Zoom details.


2023-24 Affinity Group Zoom Call Schedule

DateAffinity GroupModerator(s)Zoom Call LinkZoom Recording Link
March 8, 2024 @ noonArts & WorshipLauren Miller (San Antonio 2022) & Chris McCord (Atlanta 2006)Zoom Link
Jan 31, 2024 @ noonYouth Education/College PrepDarye Henry (Indianapolis 2013) & Sharod Tomlinson (New York 2009) & Tolton Pace (Atlanta 2014)not recorded due to technical issues
Dec 13, 2023 @ noonYouth Mental HealthDavid Medina (Philly 2019)Click to watch
Dec 6, 2023 @ noonHuman TraffickingImani Robinson (St. Louis 2017) & Monique Johnson (Washington DC 2009)Click to watch.
Nov 3, 2023 @ noonYouth Sports Ministry GroupJason Curry (Newark 2021) & Kekoa Hubbard (Oakland-SF Bay Area 2021)Click to watch.
Nov 1, 2023 @ noonJuvenile Detention/Prison MinistryTerence Smith (Kansas City 2008) & Barrell Richardson (YFC 2018)Click to watch.



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