The Story Behind the New DVULI Acronym Logo and the “Deh-VOO-lee” Campaign

Posted by: DVULI | May 14, 2021

DVULI unveils new logo with urban skyline design element and encourages pronunciation shift to "Deh-VOO-lee."

by Kimberlee Mitchell, Staff Writer

Today is an exciting day! The brand that youth workers have known, respected, and loved for 23 years has a new logo addition—one with a new look, feel, and sound!

(Click to hear the pronunciation.)

You see D-V-U-L-I but say, “Deh-VOO-lee.”

Many of you already refer to us as “Deh-VOO-lee.”  We recognized that this pronunciation is easier to remember and to say (even in Spanish), so we made it official by:

1) adding the DVULI acronym to the brand family and

2) actively encouraging the shift from pronouncing it as “D-V-U-L-I” to “Deh-VOO-lee.”


You’ll notice that our new logo addition includes the familiar city skyline design element added to the brand family in 2007. We wanted it to be distinct and memorable while nodding to the urban communities we serve.

Our new wordmark symbolizes God’s light shining upon urban cities where our youth leaders, in turn, reflect His light back into the communities and youth they serve.

Some of the additional versions of the new DVULI acronym logo added to the brand family.

Jump In

You will also see the new DVULI acronym logo phased into several places: our website, social media, signage, follow-up training, and some of our partner websites.

When you see our new logo, it’s yours to own and say!

NOTE: Please make sure NOT to write out /Deh-VOO-lee/, as this is the sound-spelling version to help with pronunciation. Always write out the acronym DVULI when referring to our program.  

Let’s work together in a collaborative effort to use the new /Deh-VOO-lee/ pronunciation in conversations. Next time you are talking about your DVULI experience with a friend, a pastor, or alumni, pronounce it “Deh-VOO-lee” and see what they say!

Our Mission

Twenty-three years and 1,200 alumni later, the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative (DVULI) mission remains the same — to make a positive impact on the lives of youth by investing in their leaders.