Investing in Latino Leaders 

Posted by: DVULI | November 29, 2023

group photo of Latino leaders in Boston

Principios para el Bienestar Pastoral


This fall, DVULI was delighted to make a special investment in Latino leaders in Boston and Phoenix through Principios para el Bienestar Pastoral (Principles for Pastoral Well-Being) leadership training. 

The Principios training is an abbreviated version of the DVULI program focusing on two core values—balance and empowerment. It is specifically tailored for Latino pastors.

The workshop was taught in Spanish to 10 pastors and their spouses. Isaias Mercado (Chicago 2000) led the training in Boston, and Domingo Mota (Los Angeles 2007) walked couples through the training in Phoenix. Pastors remarked about the welcomed role reversal of sitting in the seat of the learner. It was nice to be poured into for a change! 

As usual, teaching about the core value of balance hit the pastors hard. The safe space allowed sacred moments of vulnerability. Therapeutic discussion, reflective journaling, and group exercises led to tears and breakthrough moments. One pastor broke down and publicly acknowledged that he had been neglecting his wife and family. He humbly asked his wife for forgiveness in front of everyone. Another pastor shared his realization of how unfair his constant travel to preach around the country has been to his family. He now understood why his kid “acted up” before his trips. One couple booked an extra night at their hotel to spend quality time alone.  

Hungry for more, many pastors asked about possibly learning the other three core values in Spanishand more is coming!  

The feedback from this workshop and previous findings will aid in revising the Principios curriculum in 2024 with a plan to launch the training in more DVULI cities in 2025!  

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group photo of Latino Leaders in Phoenix