Posted by: DVULI | May 30, 2023

By Jordan Francis (Phoenix 2018)

The DVULI reunion is fast approaching, and I can’t wait to see some of you there!

I attended my first alumni reunion a few years ago in Phoenix. It was an incredible experience.

Connecting with like-minded leaders was refreshing and encouraging.

So many of you are doing meaningful things in your communities around the country for the sake of the gospel.

When we are around each other, I remember I am a part of a grand plan—bigger than my own work in my city. The kingdom is growing, whether what I am doing ever rises to the capacity I think it should.

The truth is we need each other, especially in the urban context.

We face many unique challenges, and we must lean on our brothers and sisters in the same space to survive.

We need interdependence.

Here are three things I think about when it comes to interdependence:

  • Problem-Solving
    We can learn from each other’s experiences and share best practices. It’s nearly impossible to figure out everything on our own, so it’s essential to connect with others who are in the same boat as you.One of the things I love about reading a book is that the author has spent years gathering wisdom condensed into a work I can read in a matter of days. These findings can help me learn lessons and avoid problems, giving me wisdom without having to go through it myself.The same is true of people around us in our communities and networks. If we build relationships and listen to the wisdom available, perhaps we can build on the work already done instead of getting bogged down by problems others may have already solved.
  • Encouragement
    We must find and be a source of support when our work becomes overwhelming. It can be easy to lose sight of our purpose amid all the difficulties of an urban ministry, so having a community to turn to is vital. It’s also great to have someone in your corner who understands where you are because they’ve personally been there.I can think of many times when I wanted to quit doing ministry. I talked to trusted people, and they reminded me of the call. They have helped me stay the course.
  • Collaboration
    We have an opportunity to build relationships with people from different churches and organizations in our communities who can help us accomplish our goals, and we can help them achieve theirs.We all know things can get territorial, which can be a barrier. However, incredible things can happen if we can be a catalyst for bringing together leaders in our communities.Often through relationships, we find we have similar or the same goals. Now we can pool our resources to accomplish the mission and vision further.Honestly, I believe this one is the most difficult because it poses the greatest potential for radical potential and change. Collaboration multiplies reach, transforms leadership perspectives, and builds unity.

Jesus said it best in John 17. The world would know He is the one who was sent from the Father when we are one.

If we care about reaching people, we must care about interdependence.

Are you feeling a little stale in this area?

DVULI Reunion 2023 is right around the corner!

Let it be the catalyst you need to recommit to interdependence.

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See you there!