Breakthrough: JoAnn Dean

Posted by: DVULI | September 5, 2021

JoAnn Dean

by Kimberlee Mitchell, Staff

Learning to Use Silence and Reflection as a Skill

At her DVULI graduation, JoAnn Dean (Atlanta 2014), author in the making, learned that all graduates receive the benefit of a lifetime supply of journals. In the 23 years of DVULI’s existence, no one has embraced that benefit more than JoAnn. She has amassed a collection of over 17 completed journals in seven years.

Already an avid writer, she was delighted when DVULI introduced the cohort participants to the art of the reflective loop at LW1. “I learned to use silence as a skill,” explains JoAnn. “To carve out space to journal and commune with God opens the door for the unimaginable.” Obviously passionate about seeing results from journaling, JoAnn concludes, “My journal is my receipt. It helps me prioritize my concerns, visualize my fears, reduce my stress, identify my self-talk, and channel my creativity, all while connecting the dots to clarity. This insight served as the vehicle for creating strategies that helped me to breakthrough!”

As a result of the deep dive that took place through journaling and self-reflection, JoAnn, a social worker by profession, learned that she is “wired to serve and solve problems.” She leveraged those gifts and has authored six self-help books. Her *repertoire includes:

  • It Begins with You! Awakening Possibilities & Directing Your Dreams (2016)
  • What about Me? A 6-Week Plan to Reconnect, Commit, and Conquer!
  • 7 Reasons Why We Get Stuck: How to Break Free (2017)
  • Josiah’s Prayer (2018)
  • Lifted for a Better View: Journey of Transition (2019)
  • Learning with Ladybug: Exploring God’s Creation (2020)

Although she never personally identifies as a writer, it’s clear she has a gift. JoAnn wholeheartedly advises others to assume the practice of not only journaling but also writing down prayers and supporting scripture. “I’ve encouraged other women and children to journal about their feelings and to create a God list because He has promised to perfect the things that concern us,” professes JoAnn. “And time and time again, He has.”

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