Tell Us Your Stories

The DVULI family is loaded with amazing successes and victories. We delight in hearing about your career benchmarks, so keep in touch using these links:

Alumni Life Update

Is there is exciting news in your life such as a job change, marriage, new baby, academic achievement, an award?

Alumni Profile

Get to know a fellow youth leader outside of your cohort or city by reading our alumni profiles.

Better Together

When 2 or more DVULI alumni are coordinating on a project together we call it Better Together.


YOU could be a cover story!  If you’ve experienced strategic, significant, and sustainable change in the way you live and work, please tell us!

Leader Alert

When a DVULI alumnus makes a community-wide impact beyond their youth ministry specific context, we want to know!

Youth Impact Testimonial

Have the youth you’ve mentored gone on to make a significant impact? We want to hear about transformed lives and breakthrough in the lives of your youth.