Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril

Posted by: DVULI | May 13, 2021

The book Willful Blindness by Margaret Heffernan explores reasons we ignore obvious realities. Get your copy now.

By Ron Carter (Birmingham 1999)

Most, if not all of us, are familiar with the expression “the elephant in the room.” Simply stated, this idiomatic phrase refers to an obvious reality that no one wants to talk about or mention. But why? Entrepreneur and author Margaret Heffernan explores this question in her book, Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril.

Originally a nineteenth-century legal concept, the term willful blindness refers to the phenomenon of deliberately ignoring or choosing not to “see” readily available information. Using a case study approach, Heffernan examines some of the surprising reasons we turn a blind eye to problems. Heffernan, however, isn’t content with merely exploring the problem; she provides practical strategies for preventing pitfalls and disasters in both our personal and civic lives.

Have you ever uttered the words, “How could I have been so blind?” If so, you’ll want to get a copy of this book. Once you have yours, comment on Facebook or any DVULI social media platform so we can continue this conversation about ways Willful Blindness is beneficial to your life and those you serve.

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This article was published in the Spring 2021 issue of DVULI’s On the Level print newsletter