Redeeming Your Time

Posted by: DVULI | December 5, 2023

7 Biblical Principles for Being Purposeful, Present, and Wildly Productive 

A DVULI 100% Recommended Resource

by Ron Carter, DVULI Staff (Birmingham 1999) 


At NC1, you were convicted by the presentation on balance. You realized you were overcommitted and ruled by the tyranny of the urgent, a lack of boundaries, and the struggle to say no. In other words, you faced the fact you were “boiling dry.” This was one of your “breakthroughs,” and you committed to being better and doing better.  

But with the passage of time, you’ve found it difficult to maintain your “balance momentum.” You’ve slipped back into some of your old pre-NC1 habits and asked yourself if there was a good resource that could help get you back on track.     

Wonder no more because I have just the resource: Redeeming Your Time by Jordan Raynor.  

Describing himself as a “serial entrepreneur,” Raynor is a nationally bestselling author who has helped millions of Christians worldwide connect the gospel to their work through his podcast, devotionals, and books Called to Create and Master of One 

In Redeeming Your Time, Raynor offers a unique take on time management that doesn’t focus on changing our habits. Instead, Raynor’s approach takes the full scope of our lives into consideration and consists of seven principles drawn from the life of Jesus: 

  1. Start with the Word 
  1.  Let Your Yes Be Yes 
  1. Dissent from the Kingdom of Noise 
  1. Prioritize Your Yeses 
  1. Accept Your “Unipresence”  
  1. Embrace Productive Rest 
  1. Eliminate All Hurry 

Through these principles, you’ll discover how Jesus responded to the competing demands of his time without “boiling dry.” I’m also confident you’ll regain your “balance momentum.”  

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