Pine Rest Mental Health & Well-Being Resource Extends to Family and Youth You Serve

Posted by: DVULI | October 29, 2021

Access the Pine Rest Mental Health & Well-Being Resource's 100 recommended resources for youth and families with DVULI.

by Misael Guzman (Newark 2014) and DVULI liaison for NJ & NYC

New Training Resource: This presentation looks at some of the common misconceptions connected to mental illness and explores ways to overcome these stereotypes and stigmas.(Click link below and enter passcode ot access this resource)

In September, at our annual DVULI liaison training, I learned about an amazing resource available to all DVULI alumni, our own families, and the youth we serve.

The DVULI Alumni Assistance program offers us exclusive access to a massive online library with more than 100 webinars, trainings, videos, PDFs, links, and more for a wide variety of health and well-being resources. This hardworking website serves more than 60,000 people every year. To help with balance in your own life or to familiarize yourself with all it offers, check it out today.

To find the Pine Rest Personal Advantage library, go to and enter DVULI for the passcode.

The colorful home page offers many topics ranging from personal finance and legal to personal growth and health assessments. It’s very intuitive, which makes the site very easy—there’s even a search bar to help you find specific topics.

As youth workers, we’ve all had those tough days when youth share their most serious struggles. Whether they are grappling with surviving trauma, anxiety, addiction, or depression, this website allows you to refer those in need of professional help to a tangible resource. Your youth can log in from the privacy of their own homes, create a personal and private account, and then explore the library for information on several topics. I specifically like the online health assessments to help people who are stuck and wondering if they need help. The easy-to-use multiple-choice questionnaires provide immediate assessments complete with recommendations for the next advisable step.

Be the bridge between someone and the help they need.

Lean on this valuable resource for yourself, and share it with those you live with and those you serve and love.

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