Nike, More Than a Name–It’s My Life: From Trauma to Triumph

Posted by: DVULI | June 2, 2023

by Eileen Kooreman, Staff

Nike and Eileen Kooreman at the book launch.

Awareness of the many kinds of trauma and its effects on both the mind and the body has developed since the early 2000s. Mental health experts, educators, and those who work with youth have turned to learning more about caring for those who have experienced childhood trauma. We now understand that there is a strong correlation between trauma and anxiety, depression, anger, difficulty with trust, and many other self-destructive behaviors.

DVULI addresses this topic at NC1 during the Core Values and Healthy Change Conference in Orlando and follows up by offering free counseling sessions to alumni and families.

In the memoir Nike, More Than a Name–It’s My Life: From Trauma to Triumph, Portland alum Nike Greene (Portland 2005) uses her own story to tell about her journey with abuse and trauma. As a marriage and family therapist, Nike knows better than anyone that just acknowledging trauma is important but not enough. She shares how she took actions that finally freed her to heal and gave her victory over her past.

Nike’s book is available on Amazon, but she also has gone one step further. She is available to speak on this topic, provide training, or connect if you want to reach out to her.

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