Love and Loss

Posted by: DVULI | July 19, 2022

Two people pose for a photo with the words love and loss. DVULI's Love and Loss resource offers healing and hope for grief.

by Pam Harris (Kansas City 2008), DVULI Liaison

RightNow Media’s (RNM) video series Love and Loss has been a timely blessing in my life! Authors Chuck and Ashley Elliott break down the difference between love and loss and then knit them back together as they show how love and loss truly go hand in hand. 

Viewers are directed to reflect upon their journey, identify the unseen elements of grief, and illuminate steps to reframe and rebuild their lives. Through each session, individuals will work through their own situations to reveal personal and relational strengths that will guide their healing process.

The video series is broken down into six lessons and accompanied by a devotional and guidebook. The lessons cover the following:

  1. The Journey of Grief
  2. How We See Ourselves
  3. How We See Our World
  4. How We See Our Loved Ones
  5. Reframing Grief
  6. Moving Forward

Recently, we lost my mother-in-law to COVID-19. I know many have also lost loved ones, so I want to offer encouragement through Love and Loss. It’s my hope this resource can help fellow DVULI alumni going through their own losses and remind them that God will never leave them or forsake them! 

Access this resource on RightNow Media using your free subscription as a DVULI alumnus. 

Contact your liaison if you need a free RNM subscription.