Lead Like It Matters

Posted by: DVULI | October 27, 2022

Lead Like It Matters by Ruth Castillo: Craig Groeschel's transformative insights on leadership for enduring ministry.

by Ruth Castillo (Dallas 2015) 

We all seek and value transparency and authenticity in friends, family, and those around us. That’s also what people seek and value in leadership and ministry. Before my DVULI journey, I did not know what that looked like. I “trusted the process” and discovered the freedom in all those things. After being a youth pastor for seventeen years and now a church planter for six years, my family and I have discovered the power of walking in complete transparency and authenticity.

In the book Lead Like It Matters, author Craig Groeschel explains a group of contagious Christians as “Passionate, godly, sincere, authentic, transparent, hungry for Christ. They had something different. They had it,” and Craig wanted it! His book shares transformative insights on how to effectively build a thriving, enduring ministry and organization. He shares his experiences as a successful leader with complete honesty. His seven leadership principles for a church that lasts are:

  • Vision
  • Divine focus
  • Unmistakable camaraderie
  • Innovative minds
  • Willingness to fall short
  • Hearts focused outward
  • Kingdom-mindedness

Whether you lead an organization or ministry, it’s such a good resource for you and those in leadership with you. Every chapter wraps up with “It Factors” and a section with questions for discussion or reflection with your team.

I pray this is a blessing for you as it was for me.