Invest In Your Growth With Journaling

Posted by: Rebecca | March 16, 2023

Did you know that the advantages of journaling include reducing stress and anxiety, boosting memory, achieving goals, and inspiring creativity?  

It’s biblical, too! After experiencing Exodus, God told Moses to “write these things in a book.”  

Similarly, you were tasked with the same practice in your DVULI training when you learned reflective journaling in the Personal and Ministry Assessment workshop.  

The goal of journaling is to generate growth through deep reflection. When you trust it to paper and not memory, you glean insight into your personal and professional growth. Journaling helps identify your priorities, aids in problem-solving, simulates accountability, and leads you toward authenticity and empathy.  

If you recall, you gleaned nuggets of insight through reflective journaling that helped you write your final Breakthrough Plan 



Are your skills a little rusty? Reflective journaling begins with a simple two-column format.  

Start on the right side of the paper and begin writing. Later, come back with fresh eyes, reread what you wrote, and share your deeper thinking on the left-hand side.  

This method serves as a learning history, intentionally told from two perspectives—you in the moment and you reflecting on the moment later.   

Here’s what it should look like: 

Follow these best practices as you seek God’s promises for you through journaling: 

  • Always begin with prayer and trust the Holy Spirit to guide you.  
  • Write down your honest feelings and perceptions of experiences.  
  • Trust your own insights. 
  • Be free! Anything goes! Write it for your eyes only. 
  • Don’t spiral on the same issue. Go deeper and progress through it. 
  • Discipline yourself to journal positively.  
  • Be consistent. 
  • Trust the process. 



Team DVULI encourages you to resume this self-care practice so you can experience continued growth and breakthrough in your personal and professional lives!  

We’ve got you–FOR LIFE! Order your new DVULI alumni journal today so you can resume this healthy and integral self-care investment.