Community Avengers: Urban Youth Advocacy Training

Posted by: DVULI | May 26, 2022

"Community Avengers" training empowers urban youth to advocate for change and be heard in their communities.

by Gerald Bell (Kansas City 2003)

Advocating for change and having a seat at the table among leaders can be a space where urban youth feel unwelcome and unqualified. Consequently, these young people often look to someone else to provide solutions and change when they are not invited to tables of influence. This doesn’t have to be their reality.

In his new urban youth advocacy training module “Community Avengers,” motivational speaker and trainer Ray Nelson recognizes that young people must be seen as assets and not as liabilities.

“Community Avengers” is a single-session training for youth workers to empower their youth to create a plan of action to use their voices of advocacy, establish a platform for positive change, and be heard in their communities.

Youth workers who appreciate hearing from a leader who fully relates to their context of ministry will discover “Community Avengers” to be a valuable tool for equipping youth to represent what they deem important.

Ray argues, “We use young people to set up tables and chairs but don’t value what God has already put inside them. The Christian call to advocacy challenges youth to be image-bearers. Let’s empower them for that call!”

Understanding the resolute world youth are growing up in today, I highly recommend “Community Avengers” as an important step toward exercising the influential capacity God has given them.

“Community Avengers” offers three delivery options to be presented in your ministry: self-facilitated, virtually facilitated by Ray, or presented with Ray in person.

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