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    Nes Espinosa (Philadelphia 2002) shares how he was "blown away" by his DVULI experience, including how the program developed his identity and calling.

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    Alumni share the impact of the DVULI training in their lives.

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    During the reunion celebrating 20 years of DVULI, seven alumni reflect on how their DVULI training experience led to significant “life markers” in their lives, marriages, and ministries.

Impact By The Numbers

  • 93%invest in the development of other leaders
  • 82%said they manage change by working collaboratively
  • 73%regularly ask youth to take a role in planning and implementing ministry activities

    Grand Rapids, MI

    2004, 2005, 2006
    Alumni Impact
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    DVULI was revolutionary. At first it was overwhelming because it shined a light on so many things that I could do differently. As I began to walk it out and trust the process, I realized that I was receiving some tools that were not just for today. They were intended to be a treasure trove that I would be living out of for the rest of my life.

    Kim Kossie-MckeeHouston 2005