Mental & Spiritual Self-Awareness Resource

Posted by: DVULI | May 24, 2024

My DVULI Brothers and Sisters,

I invite you to join me in a daily practice that has changed my life. It’s a framework of checking in with your
whole self in a private space where spiritual and personal wellness is bred and nurtured. After dealing with my
own trauma, this was one way I found to help me build on the progress I’d made.

I know this will feel strange if you’ve never practiced anything like this before. Our community is still finding footing in routines that help us maintain mental wellness. Learning how to slow down and focus on parts of myself that need attention has been a gift. Now, I can stop, listen, and work with God as He does His work in me.

I hope this will be a gift for you, too.



Your Brother in Christ,
Bernard Franklin (Kansas City 2001)

Bernard Franklin is a recognized national advocate for marginalized urban children and youth. He has an MS in Counseling and Behavioral Studies from the University of South Alabama and a PhD in Counseling and Family Studies from Kansas State University. He was a therapist for the Kansas City Chiefs, among other corporate organizations. Bernard brings personal experience and expertise to his support of hurting people, particularly the poor—those who are often last to receive the truth that God can heal long-standing, generational trauma and deep-seated pain. He is presently Managing Director of Uncornered, a national nonprofit organization with a mission to eliminate urban street violence and shooting deaths.