e625 Spring 2024 Conferences 

Posted by: DVULI

By Rodrigo Ortiz, DVULI Staff 


Our Partners at e625 Launched Their Spring US Conference Tour  

The e625 events offer Spanish-speaking youth leaders, their senior pastors, and their entire leadership teams a unique opportunity to attend conferences together. This spring, they can learn firsthand from Dr. Lucas Leys about the latest developments in the world of youth ministry. 


Below are the cities, dates, and registration links for the conference series:

Generational Leadership Conferences 

  • Indianapolis, IN, on February 27 
  • Charlotte, NC, on March 12 
  • Grand Rapids, MI, on June 10 
  • St. Louis, MO, on June 11 
  • Columbus, OH, on June 13 

Register online here ==>  Liderazgo Generacional 


Discipleship Project Conferences 

  • Detroit, MI, on February 27 
  • Nashville, TN, on February 29 
  • Boston, MA, on March 11 
  • Tampa, FL, on March 14 

Register online here ==>  Proyecto Discipulado. 


What is e625?

Especialidades 625, aka “e625,” stands for specialties from 6 to 25 years old. These ages encompass a crucial window in formal education, including four fundamental stages: childhood, preadolescence, adolescence, and youth.  e625 believes that these stages require precise answers to meet the needs of young individuals and ministerial tools to guide them toward maturity in Christ. 


Who does e625 serve?

e625 resources thousands of pastors, leaders, and parents with the following: 

  • Downloads, free resources, and real-time assistance 
  • Conferences, gatherings, and seminars worldwide in Spanish-speaking regions 
  • Original books and Bibles 

The online E625 Institute, accredited at the university level, offers training and updates. 

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