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Extra! Extra! Our partners at E625 (Former Especialidades Juveniles) have a new resource for Spanish speaking Christian leaders! The book, Stamina , is the latest of a series of specialized resources about discipleship... Read more
The DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative Core Values of Accountability and Interdependence were the focus of a day-long content development meeting for Principios Para el Bienestar Pastoral (Principles for Pastoral... Read more
For leaders living in a city with growing Latino population who want to encourage and support the ever-growing leadership influence of Latinos, The Power of Latino Leadership by Juana Bordas is highly recommended. By... Read more
Over the past nine years, I have used DVULI principles in leading my own teams and sharing the breakthrough skills with international youth leaders in the U.S., Africa and the Caribbean. As the Director of... Read more
Dare to Lead connects with leaders across industry and challenges each of us to face the difficulty of our working life with humor and grit. Brené Brown helps leaders engage from a brave, vulnerable, and authentic place... Read more
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