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Jonathan Wilson

The following article is from Pete Scazzero's Emotionally Healthy Spirituality organization; re-used with permisson.
Image courtesy of Steven Shorrock on Flickr.

Great Leaders are Great Listeners

The fruit of a mature spirituality is to be an incarnational presence to another person. It was for Jesus. It is, I believe, for all his followers, especially for those of us in leadership.

The Gospels are filled with accounts of Jesus’ interactions with individuals — Matthew, Nathaniel, a prostitute, Nicodemus, a blind man, a Samaritan woman, and many others. When the rich young ruler came up to him, Jesus “looked at him and loved him.” He listened. He was present, never in a rush or distracted. He took the time to explore stories.

When is the last time someone said to you, “Let me tell you about those Christians — they are fantastic listeners! I have never seen a group of ­people more sincerely interested to know my world, who are curious, who ask questions — who actually listen to me!”

Listening is not simply a key discipleship issue. It is a core leadership issue.
Give yourself this little listening test. Answer YES for all the statements you can affirm.

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