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Carlo Daniels

When you hear the word “discipleship”, what comes to mind? You may think about Jesus and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and how Christians are called to make disciples of all nations. However, would you ever think to connect discipleship with fundraising for your ministry? Well, that’s exactly what participants learned and practiced during this year’s Transformational Giving workshops offered by DVULI in partnership with Larry Lloyd (Memphis 2002) of the Memphis Leadership Foundation.

Setting itself apart from other fundraising workshops, Transformational Giving was not about how to write engaging newsletters or how to draft an appeal letter. It’s about the call to help donors grow in their faith using our organizations as a platform to build God's kingdom. Therefore, receiving money for the ministry is the result of genuine and loving discipleship of donors to help them grow in Christ, rather than using different tactics to try and persuade them to write a check.

Participants, DVULI alumni and others in their ministries, attended the three-weekend workshop event in June, August, and November in the historic downtown district of Philadelphia. Lloyd served as the training’s facilitator, which consisted of presentations, practical assignments, and discussion time on applying their learning in their own ministries. Overall, there was genuine fellowship amongst the attendees and a strong desire to practice fundraising, or more appropriately disciple-making, back home.

Some quotes from participants that attended the workshop include:

“It was relatable and relevant with my current situation.”

“Overall, the workshop has been very helpful in my personal development and mentality about the development and discipleship of donors as well as my own personal concept of giving.”

“A wealth of information!”


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