The DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative’s roster of trainers is a diverse group of highly successful national leaders and DVULI alumni with years of experience in the curriculum areas they teach. These practitioners have been on the path our participants are travelling now. They know how to navigate that road. And, they are passionate about the mission of passing valuable lessons on to urban youth ministry leaders across the country.

DVULI trainers aren’t instructors reading from a textbook. They speak with our participants candidly and from the heart – saying words that matter and teaching lessons that resonate.  These trainers are some of our strongest assets because they make what we do work.

Trainers List

Gerald Bell

  • Instructs: Resource Networking
  • DeVos Urban Leadership: 2003 Kansas City Participant/City Coordinator;
  • Professional Position:  Communications Manager, DeVos Urban Youth Initiative 
  • Practitioner: Public Speaker, Life Coach, Executives Mentor
  • Education: Masters.


Oscar Benavides

  • Instructs: Systems Thinking
  • DeVos Urban Leadership: 2009 Dallas Participant/City Coordinator, 2011 Washington, DC Coach 
  • Professional Position:  Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Five-Two Network 
  • Practitioner: Public Speaker, Life Coach, Executives Mentor
  • Education: MDiv.


Marguerite Rivera Bermann

  • Instructs: Scenario Planning
  • DeVos Urban Leadership: 1998 Grand Rapids Participant 
  • Professional Position:  Founder/Director, LA Local Youth Advocacy Counsil; Substitute Teacher, Los Angeles Unified Schools 
  • Practitioner: Director, Mentor, Pastor, Non-Profit Management
  • Education: MDiv., MBA


Bridgette Bowman

  • Instructs: Resource Networking
  • DeVos Urban Leadership: 2013 Memphis Participant/City Coordinator
  • Professional Position: DMC Coordinator (Disproportionate Minority Contact)
  • Practitioner: Non-Profit Strategist, Public Speaker, Community Advocate, Mentor, Resource Developer
  • Education: BS, JD


Ron Carter

  • Instructs: Personal and Ministry Assessment, Core Values
  • DeVos Urban Leadership: 1999 Birmingham Participant, Staff, Coach, Liaison 
  • Professional Position: Director of Training and Resources, DeVos Urban Leadership
  • Practitioner: Bible Instructor, Public Speaker,  Church Minister,  
  • Education: B.S., M. Ed., MDiv.


Marvin Daniels

  • Instructs: Scenario Planning
  • DeVos Urban Leadership: 2002 Chicago Participant/City Coordinator
  • Professional Position:  Executive Director, The Hope Center of Kansas City
  • Practitioner: Public Speaker, Seminar Facilitator, Senior Leadership Trainer
  • Education: M.Ed


Kim Kossie-McKee

  • Instructs: Personal & Ministry Assessment
  • DeVos Urban Leadership: 2005 Houston Participant
  • Professional Position: Ministry Trainer
  • Practitioner: Associate Pastor, Marriage Ministry Leader, Public Speaker, Events Coordinator, Communications Consultant, Board Advisory Member
  • Education: Double BS


Michael A. Mata

  • Instructs: Community Youth Development, Scenario Planning
  • Professional Position: Adjunct Professor, Consultant
  • Practitioner: Community Developer and advocate, Professor, Pastor, Public Speaker, Board Executive
  • Education: BA, M. PC, MDiv, MA


Domingo Mota

  • Instructs: Scenario Planning
  • DeVos Urban Leadership: 2005 Los Angeles Participant
  • Professional Position: Mentoring Program Manager, Lake Avenue Community Foundation
  • Practitioner: Pastor, Trainer/Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker
  • Education: AA, BA


Peter O’Donnell

  • Instructs: Systems Thinking
  • Professional Position: Founder/President of Healthy Futures Inc.
  • Practitioner: Writer, Facilitator, Consultant, Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Education: BA, MA


Ruben Ortiz

  • Instructs: Community Youth Development
  • DeVos Urban Leadership: 2012 Philadelphia Participant/City Coordinator   
  • Professional Position:  Interim VP National Programs, Esperanza
  • Practitioner: Public Speaker, Youth Advocate, Church Planter, Board Exec., Minister
  • Education: Candidate; M. Theology    


Antoine Richardson

  • Instructs: Scenario Planning
  • DeVos Urban Leadership: 2008 Kansas City Participant
  • Professional Position: President Carver Bible College KC
  • Practitioner: Youth Pastor, Professor, Public Speaker, Counselor, Administrator
  • Education: AA, Pharm.D.


Harold Spooner

  • Instructs: Resource Networking
  • Professional Position: VP Community Impact, Covenant Retirement Communities
  • Practitioner: Fund Developer, Minister, Public Speaker, Community Advocate, Grant Maker
  • Education: M. Theology


Lina Thompson

  • Instructs: Community Youth Development
  • Professional Position: National Director for Training/Capacity Development, World Vision
  • Practitioner: Trainer, Youth Advocate, Adjunct Professor, Non-Profit Management      
  • Education: MDiv


Virginia Ward

  • Instructs: Personal and Ministry Assessment, Community Youth Development
  • DeVos Urban Leadership: 1998 Boston Participant/City Coordinator   
  • Professional Position: Director of Leadership/Mentored Ministry Initiatives, Gordon Conwell; Associate Pastor, Abundant Life Church    
  • Practitioner:  Youth Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Youth Advocate, Certified Trainer, Worship Leader, Professor, Mentor  
  • Education: MA, D. Min.